A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Might Not Give Up (feat. Young Thug)
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Might Not Give Up (feat. Young Thug)
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The official ITmores channel of multi-platinum rapper/singer-songwriter: Artist Dubose, known as A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. He made waves with the breakout hit “Still Think About You” featured on his 2016 debut mixtape, ‘Artist.’ The mixtape also introduced fans to “My Shit” which went on to become RIAA certified platinum and was also listed as one of “The Best Songs of 2016” on Apple Music.

A Boogie went on to release the 3x platinum “Drowning feat. Kodak Black” along with the platinum singles “Jungle” and “Timeless.” In fall 2017, A Boogie released his gold certified debut album, ‘The Bigger Artist,’ jumping into the Top 5 on Billboard’s Top 200 and #1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart.

He is nominated for the 2018 BET Awards for “Best New Artist” and the release of his sophomore album, ‘Hoodie SZN’ spent two weeks as the #1 album on the Billboard 200.

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  • Johnny Maze
    Johnny Maze


  • Ti

    Rockstar lifestyle might not give up 🔥

  • Mahdi Ahmadi
    Mahdi Ahmadi

    how this mv has less than 2 million views?

  • Glen Pee
    Glen Pee

    This shit should have wayyyy more views ....I LOVE that Artist 2.0 ❤️💪🏽💯.... Every Song💪🏽💪🏽💯💯❤️❤️

  • That’s It
    That’s It

    damn how ya views this low on a music video??? wtf

  • Yvng Beezy
    Yvng Beezy

    ONLY 1.8M😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 REALLY????!!!!!?????????

    • Mehdi Amini
      Mehdi Amini

      even when it's a music video w/ young thug, poor a boogie 😢

  • RainFN

    omg so good

  • Nicholas Ryshawy
    Nicholas Ryshawy

    Most underrated song of the century

  • Fendi

    Thugger ate this shit

  • Mr Bandito
    Mr Bandito

    Thug killed it

  • Mr Bandito
    Mr Bandito

    This song is such a vibe

  • Christina Catalina
    Christina Catalina


  • Anthony Inclan
    Anthony Inclan


  • Slime



    1of my fav songs ever



  • Tai Do
    Tai Do

    Thug went god mode on this one ☠

  • Evan

    Underrated ASH, they still sleeping on my boy Artist

  • Gene Holmes
    Gene Holmes

    highly slept on

  • JJ005

    who’s still here in 2021?

  • Cecil Enaberue
    Cecil Enaberue

    Why is boogie so underrated. His such a 🐐

  • Jack Napierre
    Jack Napierre

    this song bumps so hard. love the rockstar vibe mixed with hiphop

  • Andraws Beibi
    Andraws Beibi

    how this only got 2 mil smg

  • Mukhtar ahmed Mohamed
    Mukhtar ahmed Mohamed

    Thuger voice it's fabulous ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • Furious Beats
    Furious Beats

    Why does this song have no as much views like this shits fire bro

  • Brian Danvers
    Brian Danvers

    the persons who disliked wants a rockstar lifestyle🙇🏽‍♂️

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke

    When Young Thug takes his dreads out he look like Lil Durk 🤣🤣

  • yusei adams
    yusei adams

    NIck Mira be going dumb with the beats!

  • Angela Lugaro
    Angela Lugaro

    I’m a keep watching the video cus I played it a Million times on audio

  • Sierra Navarro
    Sierra Navarro

    This my fav song last 2 weeks

  • RikSantanaBaby

    Rockstar Lifestyle 💚🐍

  • RikSantanaBaby


  • Ms. Cosey
    Ms. Cosey

    Young thug looking real like my age in this🥴🥴

  • Jones Trinity 🎵
    Jones Trinity 🎵


  • Sierra Navarro
    Sierra Navarro

    This needs way note views

  • Fetty Boy
    Fetty Boy


  • Florence 'n Ethel 21
    Florence 'n Ethel 21

    So this is what hip hop has come to🤦🏾‍♂️,,these mumble mumblers all sound the same as Joyner Lucas said. What is the song even really about😂,

  • humza khan
    humza khan

    underrated track.

  • Ty_alexT

    0:41 Get it because his actual name is artist

  • Joe Thompson
    Joe Thompson

    This song is quite big I’m not sure why boogie released the video so long after it was released cuz it’s been out 7 months but only 1.7 mill views which ain’t a lot for him

  • Nicholas Duncan
    Nicholas Duncan

    The flow on this song is so good

  • Leo Gagaev
    Leo Gagaev

    Thugger killing everything he is part of, true goat🐍🐍🐍

  • Tim Gaul
    Tim Gaul

    I started listening to this song pre-covid. Man this brings back memories when school was shut down and I was just playing video games stress free hahaha

  • Carte V
    Carte V

    Man you like “Tic tok” by Lil toe ?

  • Conner Akins
    Conner Akins

    King Of New York #HoodieSZN

  • Ejodamen Esezobor
    Ejodamen Esezobor

    This song underrated af

  • Loukas

    sooo slept on

  • Ben Nielsen
    Ben Nielsen


  • 9 Letters
    9 Letters

    666 999 101010 111 👑🎯

  • Khanya Ntshiea
    Khanya Ntshiea

    A boogie: I ain't nothing like a rapper i'm an artist Posty: I'm not a rapper Billaboard hot 100: so...?

  • Ti


  • XxMsMcXxGoLd

    Thug went so damn hard for no reason 😭😭💯

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose

    More drama 🎭 itmores.info/crone/RDGAlZYZQ1iaQ.html&feature=share&playnext=1 My bro got that da best Drill flow out now #Magazinewatts share this hashtag #️⃣ Facebook

  • slater_revuu

    I swear down this is my favourite song u have made

  • willard otieno
    willard otieno

    This song is soo underrated 😭😭

  • Raven Holland
    Raven Holland


  • Rushil Dubey
    Rushil Dubey

    Underrated asl

  • writegirl run
    writegirl run


  • Jayden Vs The World
    Jayden Vs The World

    Love it no cap

  • Crystal Morris
    Crystal Morris

    1:30 sound like a song that would end with a happy ending in a movie

  • Gucci Pig
    Gucci Pig

    Not gonna lie young thug is fire but his verse wasn't needed.

    • Bobby Ivanovski
      Bobby Ivanovski

      His verse makes the song idiot

  • Shah Major
    Shah Major

    Still Underrated....Boog offiical Nikka not doing too much like me I could see me doing a song with bro soon

  • Beastnov

    this song needs more attention

  • KingWavy

    My nigga don't get enough credit fr.

  • QuavoRatatouille

    Only 1.5m views wtf

  • Jashawn G5
    Jashawn G5


  • Velma Varein
    Velma Varein


  • M Star
    M Star

    Everyone gotta give Jeff his credit for making this song iconic

  • Ben King
    Ben King

    A BOOGIE DA GOAT KING OF NEWYORK🗽🖤Much respect my guy🤴🏾

  • Javon Whyte
    Javon Whyte

    If ever a remix to this Like if you agree that Lil Wayne would make a great feature

  • God Fresh33
    God Fresh33


  • Elijah Kuhl
    Elijah Kuhl

    So underrated

  • Cameron Booth
    Cameron Booth

    Whenever I’m upset i remember I’m alive in the same time as young thug and everything is better

  • Damien Olivares
    Damien Olivares

    “I'm a real mobster, I'm a kind one I been shinin' out the rough, I'm a diamond” Thug really the goat 🌹

  • Ghost 19PK
    Ghost 19PK

    Now you know damn well you can't play guitar sit down.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats

    they complement each other well

  • Truly Majestic
    Truly Majestic

    "Like I was in the Matrix" as I always say... Time to raise the vibration... Hate impedes that.

  • Isaiah Valenzuela
    Isaiah Valenzuela

    And y’all said gunna was good on Guitar beats thug is the goat he can do anything on any type of beat wit his memorizing melodies

  • lauryn turner
    lauryn turner

    Is no one gonna mention that Young Thug looks 30x better with his dreads down? 🥵

  • shawny Strawberry
    shawny Strawberry

    Don't just love me for my life style

  • D B
    D B


  • Rushil Dubey
    Rushil Dubey

    Why tf 1.3m only

  • D B
    D B

    I used to never fuck with thugga just a few songs but this is good

  • D B
    D B

    Thugga hit different on this track killed it

  • Roses 'xo Rain
    Roses 'xo Rain

    you can tell he was high

  • Nacho Fries
    Nacho Fries

    he is just going to keep succeeding, I remember him from the "beast mode days"


    I need that a boogie vs artist "real real soon"

  • AI Wilson DW
    AI Wilson DW


  • Errol Williams
    Errol Williams


  • Joan MB
    Joan MB

    this one is criminally underrated

  • XxGrand_Sniper.GamingxX

    i seen a couple of y'all saying how he's taking playing the guitar, y'all clearly don't understand the point of the artist album, in the fists Artis, he played piano, now that is artist 2.0, theme is guitar, y'all fake fans

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy

    1:09 🎸👍

  • Nick Perry
    Nick Perry

    who is the girl at 2:27???

  • Emilia, njock Orock
    Emilia, njock Orock


  • alberto malave
    alberto malave

    thanks ❤️🥺✈️ itmores.info/player/video/2YJtkop8mbligZM rip juice world

  • FamousDeepo

    Thugger said ima real mother star, ima Karen. 😂

  • Afro Samurai
    Afro Samurai

    I want a boogie and thug album 🔥🔥🔥

    • FamousDeepo

      Afro Samurai your profile picture 😂

  • Jermaine Payne
    Jermaine Payne


  • Emilia, njock Orock
    Emilia, njock Orock

    My brother knows evrey a boogie song

    • FamousDeepo

      Emilia, njock Orock so do I 😎

  • Esther fagbemi
    Esther fagbemi

    This song is so addicting Fire 🔥🔥🔥

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